Coffee Break Massage
Coffee Break Massage-masseur. acupressure massage in Kent, Pregnancy massage, massage during pregnancy, Hot Stone Massage, Myofascial Release, MFR, sports massage, back and neck massage, whiplash and RSI massage, fibromyalgia and IBS treatment, Remedial massage, Indian Head massage, Baby Massage, Thermal Auricular Therapy or Hopi Ear candles, massage for, Neck & Shoulder pain - whiplash, frozen shoulder & muscle strain, Hands, & Arms – carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis & golfers elbow, DeQuervain’s Tensynovitis, Back pain – lordosis, kyphosis, muscle strain, neuromuscular pain, Hip & pelvis – groin strains & pulls, periformis syndrome, ligament sprain, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, Leg, knee & foot – IT band friction syndrome, patellar tendonitis, knock/locked knees, muscle strains of hamstrings & calves and general aches, pains and strains associated with sporting activities
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